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2023 Volleyball Schedule
August 15th - Practice Begins
August 31st - 7th @ Hotchkiss (A, B), 8th @ CMS (A, B)
September 5th - 7th vs. Paonia (A only), 8th@CMS (A only)
September 7th - 7th vs OMS (A, B), 8th@ OMS (A, B)
September 9th - Game Day-8:00 (CtMS, CMS, GMS, CB)
                           7B @ CMS, 8B @ CTMS, 7A/8A @ Gunnison
September 12th - 7th vs. CTMS (A, B Blue, B White), 8th @ CTMS (A, B White)
September 14th - 7th @ Delta (A, B Blue, B White), 8th vs. Delta (A, B Blue, B White)
September 16th - Game Day-8:00 (CtMS, CMS, OMS)
                             7A/7B Blue and White @ CMS (2 Courts), 8B Blue and White @ CTMS, 8A @OMS                                                                                                              
September 19th - 7th vs. Cedaredge (A, B White), 8th @ Cedaredge (A, B Blue)
September 23rd - 7th @ CMS (B Blue and White Gold/Silver Tournament - 2 Courts)
                             8th @ Delta (B Blue and White Gold/Silver Tournament)
September 28th - 7th vs. Delta (A, B Blue and White), 8th@ Delta (A, B Blue and White)
September 30th - 7A @ Gunnison (Silver/Gold Tournament)
                             8A @ Paonia K8 (Silver/Gold Tournament)

*Weekday matches start at 4:00 with B teams playing 1st and A teams immediately following.

Game Day and Tournament Pricing
Concessions will be available

Volleyball Coaches:
Nora Waldow
Leslie Maddox
Sue Beutler
Amanda Connelly
Jodi Braun
Angela Brink

Volleyball Practice Schedule
7th Grade = 3:45-5:00
8th Grade = 5:15-6:30 (8th graders need to wait outside until practice begins)

* Please be sure to download a copy of the parent letter and detailed practice schedule on this page.
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